Behind the Scenes Video

Equal Justice was born from a concept by Alejandro Kontarovksy, Robert Dastoli and James Dastoli during the Summer of 2005. Originally conceived as a joke, it was believed that the film would never be made.


For a Directing III course at the University of Central Florida during the Spring 2006 semester, Dastoli Digital needed another film to make alongside Another Way Home. They turned to Diego Kontarovsky and Alejandro Kontarovsky to write “Twin Courtroom Drama.”



Production began in January, but most of the film was shot during one long weekend in the beginning of March. The courthouse scenes were shot at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, FL, with other locations being Underground Bluz bar, the Dastoli house and the UCF campus.



Post production work was done simultaneously with Another Way Home, with both films being completed in Summer 2006.